15 C Vitamins for lifetime Success, Think of More?

Take Success Vitamin CsI always found that Words beginning with the letter C, apart from being the first letter of my name, empower me.  Overtime, I collected positive C words, my Vitamin C 15.  Like a vitamin we take to care for our health and body, a daily dose of my 15 C Vitamins, is my recipe for success.

So here are my C’s:

Choices – my top C word

  • I have no doubt;
  • I walk with my head high;
  • I know that I always have choices.
  • I have the power to choose
    • What I do;
    • How I respond;
    • What to think or feel.
    • Nobody else chooses for me.

The rest of my C words in no particular order, a glimpse of how I use them:


  • I choose to live my life in the most colorful and positive way.


  • I have no doubt;
  • I walk with my head high;
  • Other people do not establish my self-worth; and
  • I trust my choices.


  • I have no fear
  • I am not afraid to seek or ask
  • I choose to move forward despite challenges


  • Once I choose my path, I keep on trying
  • I do not quit doing what I believe in


  • I judge nobody, including myself


  • I settle for nothing else by my best effort.


  • I celebrate myself, my life, and my accomplishment


  • I celebrate others, I support them and congratulate them on their success.


  • I challenge myself and I strive to excel


  • I choose to compromise when need, but
  • I never compromise on being and doing my best


  • I say what I mean, I mean what I say, but I never say it in a mean way.


  • I give to those in need, with all my heart, excepting nothing in return.


  • I choose to change if I believe in the change
  • I become the change I want to see


  • The work I do is NOT my life
  • My job is not who I am
  • My work is what I do so I can have a life

How I use my C’s

I read them often to remind me what I chose to lead my life.

Feel free to use these… can you think of any other ones?  Please share in the comments…