2 Dresses that will make You Look Fabulous

The A Line and Wrap Dress


Dresses are a woman’s best friend. Wearing a dress, people will notice you. They suit any body shape. Regardless of body dimensions, your horizontal, vertical or depth, you can look great in the right dress. Dresses show off your figure, make you look slimmer, taller, shorter, curvier, less curvy as examples.

You can wear dresses for any occasion. In fact, one right dress can be worn from day to night with shoes and accessory changes. If you think, oh everyone saw or will remember this dress. Wrong, a few added accessories a vest or a jacket can create a whole new look with one dress. Plus what if they do? Men don’t worry about such matters. If, and I say if they remember the dress, they will be impressed how you put it to great use and how creative you got, getting the most out of it. And, how terrific you look.

One Dress four different ways

Different dresses are suitable to different body types but there are a few go to dress styles that can work for everyone.

I chose two dress style that I believe flatter and look good on everybody. These style of dresses should be a staple in your wardrobe. In no particular order:

The Polka Dot A Line DressThe A Line Dress

The A Line dress, sometimes referred to as a fit and flare dress, features a fitted top, tapered to a waistline with skirt that flares out, graduating from the waist to the hem. It is a timeless style, created by Christian Dior, in the 50’s, who coined the “A-Line” phrase. Fashion houses globally use the style in various ways.

The A-Line style creates an hourglass figure. As the style, cut of the dress, evolved, with the various choices of top bodice availability, the dress suits every figure. The style creates curves for those in needs of curves, hides some curvier bottoms, for example.

The A Line dress suits every occasion. They come in countless fabrics and colors to choose from. You can dress them down or dress them up.

The Wrap Dress

The Wrap Dress

The Wrap Dress. Diane von Fürstenberg is credited with making the wrap dress popular in the 70’s. Her classic wrap dress design features a tie waist, V-neckline and a knee length A-line skirt. It was a knit jersey you could slip into like a robe, tie in place on one side of the waist, no buttons, and no zippers. Nice and easy. Of course with time the wrap style changed. Variations from of the original were born. You can now find wrap dresses, faux or wrap-affect dresses, those that mimic the wrap-dress look in addition to the traditional wrap dress.

Over 40 years later, the dress is still timeless and figure-flattering, proper for any occasion. These dresses come in various lengths, sleeves and V neck depths. So they provide alternatives from business or daytime dress to an evening dress. Just like the A-Line dress, you can dress them up or down with shoes and accessories.

The wrap-dress enhances the natural shape. Each of its features creates a slimming effect, waist with a tie, bust and hip enhancement with the V neck and a body skimming A line silhouette. Modern day variations, colors and patterns can create a flattering look for your unique body shape

Consider investing in a great dress or two and a few accessories. You can create many looks and look fabulous anywhere you go. And remember to Live S.A.S.S.Y!