Carmit BrandtMy name is Carmit (pronounced “car-meet”) Brandt and I developed Style to a Lifestyle.  I am excited to meet you.  Allow me introduce myself to you.

Here I am now…

One can describe me as a perpetual student, an educator, and an explorer navigating the vast oceans of life.  My life’s journey, just like yours, is unique as only I experience it.

I sailed to many places where I experienced short stops or long stays.  Some visits were more fun and exciting than others.  While on the oceans, I encountered calm seas, rough and stormy seas, windless days, and spectacular days.

I sailed alone or with company on board.  Some travelers made lasting impressions, while others were lucky to not be tossed overboard.

I am a believer that everything happens from personal choices and for a reason.  Every port I docked and every anchor I dropped throughout my life had purpose.  Regardless of what occurred during that visit, good or bad, I needed to moor there.  Whether picking up passengers, meeting new people, or learning a new lesson, I was supposed to be there.  And yes, it started with a single choice to begin the voyage.

So I keep sailing with the winds of life, enjoying and living the journey as it happens, for I do not know when or where I will reach my last harbor.

I have sailed a long way, stopping at different seaports, and I’ve now reached this place in time.

Something Formal in an Informal Way

While it may sound an unlikely combination, I have formal and informal education and experience in Health, Wealth, Style and Life coaching.  I have a PhD in Holistic Nutrition and a financial degree in business and computers.  I held a CPA certification which I retired to have more fun.  I served in the military and achieved a C (CFO and COO) executive level in Corporate America.  I left my corporate life with a “bang” as I helped sell the company I worked for. It was the right time for me to depart the corporate lifestyle and realize my lifelong pursuit of working for myself.

My life’s travels intrigue some people.  Others may describe them as fearless.  I simply see my adventures as following my dreams with hard work and deliberate determination.  I always strive to excel in whatever I pursue and try to live with passion and compassion while navigating my course.

So Here We are now…

Together, let’s chart your desired course and ensure your voyage is most fun and extraordinary.

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Every Journey Begins with a First Step…

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