Are You A Paper Doll? Or a Beautiful Statue?

Same Body Different Sizes

You are not a dress up paper doll.  Remember those? I used to love playing with them.  By now I am certain there is an App for that. Dressing strictly based on your basic body shape is just like that.

Your Body DimensionsThis is an introduction to your other dimensions.

Your basic body shape, hourglass, triangle, and so on, is an excellent starting point to dressing your best.    However, the shape presents a single dimension of your body, a horizontal perspective.  The women in the graphic above all have the same body type but at different sizes from the slim to the voluptuous.

The basic body shape classification considers your proportions from a frontal view, the ratio between your shoulder, hips and waist measurement. [find your Basic Body Shape]

Here is an example.  Let say you are an inverted triangle, where the top of your body from a frontal view is larger than your bottom.  It’s what I describe an athletic or a wide shouldered women.  One of the suggestion for that body type is to wear an eye catching belt to draw some focus down to the hips.  If you are a slim or athletic triangle that is a great suggestion.  But if you have a forward belly as an example you have to consider it.  Putting a belt just because you are a triangle on a belly that is pushing forward will highlight your mid-section forward, draw attention to that.  It might not be as flattering.

Unlike the paper doll, your bodies is three-dimensional, like a statute.  So purely dressing based on the standard body shape classification, while may be “correct” for front view (horizontal) balance may not feature your best.

Your Body’s Vertical Dimension

 Your vertical body refers to you height, top to bottom, your overall proportions and your waist location.    One straightforward is your height.  Are you tall, are you short or are you average.  The second one is whether your top part of your body is longer or shorter.  The last one is your waist location, short or tall waisted.  Deciding these will help you fine tune your clothing styles and choices that are presented in your basic body shape.  When working with proportions your aim is evaluating your vertical lines and deciding where or how to cut, show the waist, the horizontal line.

Your Body’s Depth

 This is about your side view, front to back.  This is about your breasts, tummies and buttocks. Those body areas most women, myself included, are mostly concern with.  I encourage you to work with what you’ve got.  Apart from expensive medical procedures, there are ways and tricks to “reduce”, “enlarge”, flaunt or camouflage those areas. Proper undergarments, enhancers, and styling tricks can work with a whole lot less financial expense.

You need to take a 3D approach to your dressing and consider your whole body. You start with your basic body shape and make adjustments and select what works with your other dimensions to create balance and proportions and accentuate your best features.

If you need help and learn more, I am here for you.  Remember

You are a beautiful statute, one of a kind piece of art.