Can I Wear what I want? Sure, if you know Your Body Shape

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You have the right and the choice to wear whatever you want, and should dress as you see fit.

Yes, but…

Let’s say you see a model wearing a great outfit in a magazine.  She is tall, with no hips, long legs and skinny, can probably use a meal.  You wearing that same exact outfit might not look as good because you have a different body. It does not mean you should not wear what she’s wearing.  It means that you may need to figure out how to tweak the look or trend to fit your body so you look your best.

You are unique…

Our bodies are unique to us.  We come from different cultures, genes, and parents.  Also, as we age, grow up, changes happen to our bodies for many reasons.  We lose weight, we gain weight, we have kids, our hormonal balances changes, and…  It is part of our life cycle, and as I always say, we just need to deal with it, positively.

Knowing and understanding your unique body shape allows you to select silhouettes that flatter you.  It’s about creating a balanced look that draws attention to your great features and plays down less positive features.

Although we are different, we share common body traits, therefore body shapes or types classification exist.  There are many versions of body shapes, some use food, apple, pear, others use household items, spoon, and so on.  Nevertheless they are the same. As a fan of geometry, I work with geometric shapes.  Thinking about my body shape in terms of food makes me hungry and can affect my diet (just kidding).

Step One…

Determine your body shape. Take the one question quiz below.

Step Two…

Learn to work with your unique body shape.


Your  body shape determination is just a start up step for looking great.  As I keep saying:  we are all unique.  Within each body type, variations exist. Each body shape has a slimmer and voluptuous version.  Clothing choices for these variations may be different. Additional considerations to evaluate are:  height, proportions, waist location (high? Low?), bust size, and so on.   Learn About Your Other dimensions here.   And, what about your lifestyle? your personality? and your colors?

  • It can be difficult to be objective about your own body shape.
  • Creating the “look” by yourself can be an adventure.
  • You and your unique body may have special considerations and needs. An example, what if  you are petite and cannot wear heels to create a “taller” look?

If you need assistance, I am here to help


So, What’s Your Body’s Geometry? Take the 1 question Quiz.


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