Fashion? Style? Confused? What you need to know is…

Fashion vs Style

Have you walked somewhere passing by a woman finding yourself thinking wow, she looks attractive, chic, smart and cool?

She was looking great wearing a casual dress or a simple pair of jeans with a white button down shirt carrying a nondescript bag.  She was walking with ease, projecting confidence about her.  I bet she had a lovely hairdo or haircut too.  How does she do that?  You wonder.  What’s her secret?  She didn’t wear the latest designer clothes.  She didn’t dress in the latest fashion craze touted by magazines.  She dressed impeccably, expressing who she was.  She has a signature style, so can you.

How one creates signature style?   Well some lucky folks are born with it, the style gene.  I believe one exists.  The rest developed it.  First step in developing your signature style is to understand the difference between style and fashion.

So, I “googled” (is this a verb?) fashion and fashion trends.  I found mostly headlines with photos featuring either what young celebrities are wearing or the most recent runways, fashion weeks photos with young skinny models that need a meal or two.  Regretfully, our culture obsesses with youth and skinny.  So when I refer to fashion, I refer to the ever-changing countless trends, colors, designer labels and latest ‘must haves’.

Fashion follows culture targeting mostly younger women and men causing some grown up women to turn into fashion victims.  For grown up fashion lovers becoming a casualty is easy.  A bit dramatic, but I got a point to make.  We end up following the pack wearing clothes that are not body, color, personality or age suitable.  I can hear through my computer screen some of you growling.  My opinion, just because you can wear something does not mean you should.  It does not make you look younger.

It does not mean, however, that you should ignore fashion.  The opposite.  Without fashion life would be boring, uncreative and colorless.  For us, grown-ups and even young women, fashion should provide an inspiration, a tool. We should incorporate current fashion trends with our unique style for an updated look.  We just need to learn how.

Being stylish or having a signature style does not mean looking at a photo of the latest clothing featured in a magazine, blog or website.  Then buying all items, exact brands, colors, and exact everything.  That’s being a copycat, possibly expensive and may not flatter you.  The result is a closet full of unrelated random outfits. Shortly after, the clothes, shoes, accessories and bags become obsolete, “out, no longer in”.  You may wear these clothes, once, twice, or perhaps never.  They rest in peace in your closet collecting dust, some with original tags.  Giving them away is tough, you spent money on them.  You think, “I will wear them someday, the right occasion will come”.  Will you?  Do they even fit any longer?

To be stylish, you do not have to be: young, skinny, tall, own designer clothing, wear high heels shoes, spend much time, energy or money on new clothes.  You do need to know how to dress your unique-self in clothing that fit and flatter:

  • Your personality;
  • Your body now;
  • Your current colouring (we do and can change colors); and
  • Your current lifestyle.

Having a signature style is about creating a working wardrobe and daily routines that allow you to create authentic effortless style and lifestyle, with a bit of effort.  It’s working with your body and life today.  It’s about learning to sort through current fashion trends, incorporating some, so you are modern and up-to-date.

Like its name, your signature style should represent your best features, the way you are now.  It’s an expression of whom you are, flaws, bumps, wrinkles, and all.   You cannot duplicate someone else’s style, they are not you.  You can however, be inspired.  Having a unique style is not about trying to look younger by wearing your granddaughter’s neon pink miniskirt.  It isn’t about wearing your grandmother’s oversized dresses or clothes that make you disappear.  It is about looking and feeling younger, now.  Big difference.  Regretfully, I do not have Harry Potter’s magic wand (that would be awesome) to wave and change whatever you or me want to change.  However, there are ways of getting there.

Being and feeling youthful is your best anti-aging formula.  It is about letting the number, your age, become just a number.  With a bit of effort, I promise you, you can be at your best, now.  It’s becoming youthful in your approach to your life.  It is about being up-to-date, feeling great, and living with energy, enthusiasm, joy and vigor. You cannot be young again but you can become youthful by developing your signature style.  Let me help you develop your signature style, look in the mirror, and love what you are looking back at.

If you look back in history of the women who are most memorable and most stylish, they were never the followers of fashion. They were the ones who were unique in their style, breakers of the rules. They were authentic, genuine, original. They were not following the trends.

~ Nina Garcia