Food and Eating Routines for a Healthier You

Managing food from shopping to consumption are key to controlling your diet and better health.  Here are some guidelines and ideas to help you make healthier choices:


• Stop talking about food all the time.
• Stop looking again and again for events with food associated with them, like food festivals.
• Avoid all you can eat restaurants or meals.
• Avoid watching food advertisements.
• Family or friends’ gatherings do not require an 8 course meal menu.

Food Shopping:

• Make a list of what foods you indeed need.
• Create your shopping list when you are full.
• Read food labels. Don’t know how? Learn here How to Read Food Labels
• Don’t shop on an empty stomach.
• Don’t wonder the supermarket, know your way around.
• Ignore deals unless they are on your shopping list
• Carry the groceries home in the trunk or back of your car. Don’t dig or eat while you drive.

Food Storage – We choose what we see first, so:

• Store your fattening items in the back of the cupboard, or refrigerator.
• Store and place the healthy foods in front.
• Store high calorie foods and tempting foods in non-transparent containers.
• Keep your healthy foods in see-through containers.


• Don’t cook while you are starving.
• Try to minimize tasting the food.
• If you can have someone else cook for you, let them do it.
• If you are the cook, have a glass of water next to you and sip from it while you cook.
• Try to find healthier versions of recipes. The Internet is a great source for those.

Eating Habits at Home:

• Read here: How to Stop Mindless Eating

Eating Habits at a Party

• Don’t go to a party hungry, eat something before you go.
• Skip the pastries and any items with dough.
• Choose vegetables, fruits, cheese, and meats
• Constantly have a glass of water with you, use seltzer water with lime for a make-believe drink.
• Avoid alcohol. Must have some? Keep it light.
• Potluck party? Bring something healthy so you can enjoy it.

Eating Habits at a restaurants

• Check the menu for “healthy” menu choices select from those.
• Don’t get there famished.
• Send away the breads or rolls, or have the basket set away from you by the person(s) who would have them.
• Know your restaurant’s menu ahead. Have in your mind what you will order. Don’t let the waitperson or friends change your mind.  Stick to your plan, find it in your menu, and order it. Get a salad as an appetizer if everyone orders appetizers.
• Get wherever possible any sauces or dressing on the side.
• Opt for grilled items and vegetables, stay away from creamy sauces and dishes.

Eating While on Vacation

• I know you want to experience the “foods” of your destination and enjoying the local flavor is a wonderful experience. So, taste in small quantities. Drink water to fill up.
• If you are there just to relax, do it. If you are there to experience a new culture, experience it with more than food. Explore it, remind yourself that you did not go there just to eat.
• On a Cruise? Here a challenge.  It will be tough to stay away from all the free foods at every corner available at every time of day. But there are plenty of activities to do and enjoy on and off board that don’t involve food. Get busy with those. Try to keep a normal eating schedule and if possible try to use the restaurants with menus and sit down dinner instead of the open buffet.

Any other ideas? Please share in the comments section… and remember to live S.A.S.S.Y