Mixing Prints and Patterns, How to Do It Easily

How To Mix Prints and Patterns

Mixing prints and patterns with colors is a worthy challenge. From subtle to bold, it’s about not overdoing it. Too much and the results would be unpleasing. When working with prints or patterns you should consider:

• The patterns themselves;
• The scale of the different patterns; and
• The colors.

Start easy. Start by mixing prints with the same pattern and scale in different colors. Although it isn’t an actual mixing of different prints (as they are all the same), it’s an excellent start. The stripes example starts taking the print in a different direction.

photo credit: Polyvore

You can progress to a subtle mix by mixing different patterns between the top and the bottom, with a “softer pattern” and coordinating colors. The top’s pattern is soft. The vertical strips are in the texture of the fabric creating an illusion of vertical lines. This creates a classy look with a twist. Your shoes choice can follow the color or color and pattern.

Mixing Prints 2
photo credit: Polyvore

Ready for more adventurous? Select the same pattern, the same colors, but different scales.  Having a smaller pattern on the bottom would visually make your bottom look smaller.  The larger pattern will draw the eyes up to your face.

Mixing Prints 3
photo credit: Polyvore

Next is mixing the same pattern with different colors and scale. When mixing the same pattern with different scale and color, you can use a belt to tone down the mix.  The belt separates the two pattern mixes creating a break and transition.

Mixing Prints 4
photo credit: Polyvore

More courageous? Try different patterns.  Start by keeping the same family of colors.  Below is a mix of horizontal stripes with a large leopard print.  Colors are the same.  The black or mustard yellow belt can work to transition between the two patterns.

Mixing Prints 5
photo credit: Polyvore

Ready for the most “daring” mixing?  This is where you mix different patterns and different colors.  An easy trick is to have one “common” color to tie the two patterns.  I selected white in both outfits and picked accessories to highlight

Mixing Prints 6
photo credit: Polyvore

From subtle to bold… Have fun with mixing prints, patterns and colors.