What is Style Coaching™

Style Coaching™ goes beyond traditional forms of personal styling and image consultancy. It combines those two fields with wellness, success or life coaching in a unique way. Style Coaching™ is your starting step for life-changing transformation. Your first step towards focused living.

What do they do?

  • A personal stylist helps a client change or improve their appearance.
  • An image consultant educates a client on: Appearance, Etiquette, and communications.
  • A wellness, success or life coach helps a client in areas they choose to work on and guide them to success through setting goals and means to achieve them.

What a style coach™ does?

A style coach™ brings these fields together. We take an all-inclusive approach.  We work with you on your outside-surface layers, and your inside-deeper layers.  Outside work includes: body shape, color analysis, functional wardrobe set up, personal grooming, etc.  Inside work includes: confidence, success, wellness, self and body image, etc.  The twofold approach creates a powerful formula for inner and outer change.  As we start making immediate, accomplishable, and visible changes, we create a driving force for your success.

Tracy Redmond, founder of Style Coaching Institute® explains: