How to Quickly Manage Your Time, Starting Tonight

Manage Your Time Manage Your life

Managing your time is managing your life. Here is a quick way you can start tonight.
Yes, you will need to spend a little time on it. You will need to take time to ask yourself the right questions and ponder their answers.

Take a few moments of time at the end of your day, relax and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Was I proactive (under control, making stuff happen) or reactive (responding or reacting to stuff after it happened) today?
    • Proactive – Great
    • Reactive – Need to work on eliminating that.
  • Did I carry out what I set up to do today?
    • Yes – Great
    • No – Don’t beat-up on yours self, ask follow-up questions:
      • Why? Did I spin Wheels?
      • What could I have done differently?
      • What adjustments I need to make to I can catch up?
  • What is tomorrow’s plan?
    • I suggest taking an index card and writing your plan. Read your card first think in the morning. Re-read and refer to it throughout your day. It will act as a reminder consciously and subconsciously.

Tomorrow night, do it all again.  If you wrote a card, use it in your daily review.

This a quick, simple and easy formula to get you going tonight.  However to master your time entails an in-depth understanding of time and the how to capture its precious moments. Learn here how: