Unique Body Type? The Super Easy 1 Question Quiz

This Quiz is part of a series of articles about Body Shapes.

All you need is a tape measure.  For best results please measure yourself accurately (no cheating), I mean it.

  • Measure your Shoulders’ width (not your bust);
  • Measure your natural waist; and
  • Measure the widest area of your hips.

Then Start the Quiz

What’s Your Body’s Geometry?

Find your Body Geometry in one question. Have your measurements ready? Did not Cheat? Look at the measurements and Select the Most Matching Option.

Dressing your body type to look its best is a matter of creating an illusion and lines that flatter you.  It is about selecting proper fabrics and silhouettes.  Even shapes and size of accessories like handbags and jewelry play a role in creating the look.

Agree or not, current view of the ideal female body shape is the hourglass featuring a proportionate balance. If you disagree, admirable, do what you want, it is your choice.  For the rest, when choosing clothes, your goal is to create that illusion working with your body shape.

Here is an example: Each dress enhances and or creates the illusion of the hourglass body shape.

Dress Ideas for Your Body's Geometry



So what are you waiting for?

A friend said to me the other day, “I will buy new clothes when I lose some weight…”  We all say this way too many times.  My response was, “Work with what you got, look great and feel great now, just the way you are on your journey to losing the weight.  It will probably help”.   Why wait to look and feel great?  Start today, start now.

Your body is unique, learn to
live in it and love it just the way it is, right now.

Carmit Brandt