Wardrobe Capsule Useful? Do You Really need one?

Do I need a wardrobe Capsule?

The short answer, Perhaps.  Wardrobe capsules refers to a collection of high quality, essential, clothing pieces that work together to create a mix-and-match versatile seasonable wardrobe.  Susie Faux, a London boutique owner coined the term “wardrobe capsule” and as we say “the rest was history”.

Capsule are a great idea:

  • When you have small closet space. Perhaps you are an urban dwellers, a college students or just have limited space;
  • If you travel for work or pleasure. The capsule is your “suitcase” for the trip.
  • If you live with changing seasons. Some of us don’t.
  • When you have or want to be on a budget;
  • If you just want to create an easy, flexible, organized wardrobe.

The capsule will contain 30± pieces (number is flexible) of clothes, shoes and accessories that are:

  • Color coordinated – fitting your personal color palette;
  • High quality articles – quality substitutes quantity;
  • Well-fitting and enhance your body shape;
  • In alignment with your personal style. They make you feel confident; and
  • Suitable for your lifestyle.

You will enjoy:

  • Easier clothing choices – instead of staring at a closest full of “nothing to wear”;
  • Wearing clothes you love – what you pick for it, I am certain, would be your “favorites”, “go to”, items;
  • Greater confidence, as you dress better;
  • Getting creative playing with the items you selected;
  • The money you save on useless clothes’ purchases;
  • Being and feeling in control, through your organization;

I see wardrobe capsules as one of the ways of wardrobe organization.  There are other ways of organizing your wardrobe.  Your wardrobe must work for you.  Having an organized closet where you know what you have puts you in control.  Dressing for the day will no longer be a “chore”.  You will dress with ease, calm and confidence, a key component of living S.A.S.S.Y.  You will look great and feel great.

Ready to Create One? Learn How Here


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