Your Style Personality a Way to a Confident Authentic You

Style Personality

When you dress, do you express yourself? Or, do you just follow the latest and greatest fashion? The issue goes back to fashion versus style. Current fashion trends are great for dress inspirations. But, looking your best and feeling confident calls for you dressing in harmony of whom you are.

When you dress in alignment with your personality, who you are, automatically your self-confidence will soar. You will be comfortable in your “own skin” regardless of the occasion.

I am going to say it: “When it comes to style and color personality, you can have a split personality”. Down deep, perhaps hidden, you have a “core”, dominant style personality. But you can flow from one style personality to another.  You may change your dress style based on your mood and how you feel.  Perhaps you change your dress style based on your work and leisure time or the occasion. Your style personality is likely to change at different stages of your life.

Style personality, like you is unique, your private recipe.  It is a visual expression of your individuality. It includes color, silhouettes, shoes, accessories, hair, and makeup preferences. Think about outfits you feel “right in”. Once you have a sense of your style and color personality combined with knowing your palate of colors, you clothing choices will become effortless.

Best place to start is Hollywood. Think about celebrities or public figures. Who do you most admire and why? Who inspires you? Is it Nicole Kidman, Kate Middleton, or Hale Berry? Do you dress or love the way they dress?

Here are five general style personalities Hollywood style. These are foundation styles. Can you see yourself?  Remember, you may fit in more than one.
The Romantic
Think feminine, soft colors like pink & pastels, dainty jewelry, ribbons, bows, and softer lines. Floral prints and pretty details.Nicole Kidman a Romantic Style
The Classic.
Think suits, trousers, timeless look, refined tailored look,  classic fine jewelry.  Classic shoe styles.  Elegant and Sophisticated.Reese Witherspoon Classic Style
The Dramatic
Think Marilyn Monroe, Hollywood glamour. Red Carpet, WOW moment entrance, just like a star. Bold Colors & animal prints. Scarlett Johansson Dramatic Style
The Creative
Think playful with clothes, strong colors, unique, eclectic, interesting combinations, bold statements, unpredictable.Sarah Jessica Parker Creative Style
The Natural
Think comfort is your top priority, minimal make up, fuss free style, loose fitting clothes, simple uncluttered look.
Carmen Diaz Natural Style

Once you develop an understanding of your style & color personality, your effortless style will start evolving naturally.  This focused vision will have you project the image you want to achieve while being comfortable in your own skin regardless of the occasion.

So what is your dominant style?  Comment below